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Mud And Blood 2 Mud And Blood 2 by Psycho
Set tactical points, next wave, set wave, free grenade upgrade, free hero upgrade, free weapon upgrade.
Rating: 57.4% Hacked with: Visual Basic 6
Warfare 1917 Warfare 1917 by Psycho
Set upgrade points, set enemy reiformens rate (how often there is coming enemy soldiers), No mines(deletes mines from battlefield), Set your team morale, set enemy team morale, unlimited morale for you ON/OFF, Unlimited morale for enemy ON/OFF, Can play germans campaing(May not work :o)
Rating: 73.3% Hacked with: Visual Basic 6
Body Ladder Body Ladder by Psycho
Set score, Set health,Set grenades Unlimited health ON/OFF, Unlimited grenades ON/OFF
Rating: 66.2% Hacked with: Visual Basic 6
Warfare 1944 Warfare 1944 by Psycho
Unlimited Resources ON/OFF, Set Upgrade Points, Set own team morale, Set enemys morale, Unlimited Morale ON/OFF, Make enemy surrend(a button).
Rating: 59.7% Hacked with: Visual Basic 6
Art of War 2 (FIXED) Art of War 2 (FIXED) by Psycho
Instant Win, Unhittable(Only against artillery & tanks :(. It's for your whole team ;) ), Unlimited ammo ON/OFF, Unlimited grenades ON/OFF,
Rating: 52.2% Hacked with: Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic 2008

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